About Us

At ibrands, we were born out of a need to make impossible, possible. We started out as an event management firm and subsequently grew into a branding and solutions organisation. However, our journey gave us a sense of the depth of solutions needed for the industry given the evolution of New Age media and the digital footprint and the advent of ecommerce and big data to guide the future or life cycle of brands. Integration of media is now a given. At ibrands, we endeavour to undertake brand objectives and provide solutions which are agnostic to any particular media or geography. We purely create plans, execute them using technology, media, ATL/BTL and social media to reach out or influence the desired audience.

A strong group of committed professionals, network of vendors which span across the country and digital/research set up support within makes the formidable team at ibrands.

We create solutions using the finest practices and are driven by challenges. The natural instinct of team ibrands is to disrupt. We follow what we feel is the best way to reach the objectives of our clients irrespective of the established pattern. We thrive on innovation, new techniques in selling, buying media, establishing technology for ecommerce , big data etc., or developing campaigns in the social media.

In other words @ibrands, we deliver.

Experiential Consultants make sense

  • Aggregator and providers of wide array of services – media knowledge, objective expertise
  • Relationship based
  • Include multiple partners
  • Backed by science- consumer insights and bench marking
  • Revenue Model- Fee based, Cost +, Retainer, Performance (Sales) linked

Why iBrands?

iBrands strongly believes and works on a 4i process which is established through its years of delivering solutions to its partners:

– insights
– innovation
– interaction
– integration

We provide Consultation that is brand effective and cost effective. Our 4i Process involves well thought out ideas generate desired response. Rich experience of over 15 years in experiential and media services.
Long standing relations with vendors across the country.


  • Measurement of ROI through a tool for large events
  • Consultancy for creation of experiential marketing based properties for brands
  • Execution or Training module for execution for various companies